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22 February 2012: Familiarity breeds contempt in cleaner fish

Familiarity with your partner is usually thought to promote teamwork, but new research has found that on coral reefs at least, female cleaner fish are more cooperative with unfamiliar males than their breeding partner. More...

15 February 2012: UCL recipients of NIHR professorships announced

Two UCL professors are among eight of the UK’s most promising leaders in medical health research to be awarded a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) professorship, the Government announced today.

8 February 2012: Step towards creating intestine transplant using patient’s own cells

Doctors at the UCL Institute of Child Health have made progress towards engineering donated intestines, so that they can be implanted without rejection. More...

8 February 2012: Public opinion on immigration policy more related to cultural than economic concerns

Public attitudes toward immigration policy are more influenced by cultural and social concerns than economic ones such as wages and taxes, according to new UCL research. More...

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