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MedFest 2012 - Medical Film Festival at UCL

28 February 2012

MedFest - the UK’s first National Medical Film Festival - will be hosting a film screening and panel discussion at UCL on 1 March.

The theme of the event is Health Screen: Understanding Illness Through Film.


The event will include the screening of some short medical themed films and a panel discussion. The panellists include: Dr Stuart Flanagan, resident GP on BBC Radio 1’s Sunday Surgery; Dr Max Pemberton author and Daily Telegraph columnist; Andy Glynne, BAFTA award winning filmmaker; and Dr Raj Persaud, a TV and Radio psychiatrist and UCL Alumnus.

Dr Rory Conn (Junior Psychiatrist at UCLH and National Lead of MedFest 2012) said: “There are huge social, political and ethical aspects to this debate and MedFest hopes to cover as many of them as possible. This year we are hosting events at 16 medical school venues and in 2013 this will expand even further.

"There are huge social, political and ethical aspects to this debate and MedFest hopes to cover as many of them as possible."

Dr Rory Conn

“When inaccurate, portrayals of illness can create myths, and incite stigma. But when correctly presented, they have the potential to empower patient groups and dispel prejudice.”

Dr Kamran Ahmed (Founder of MedFest) added: "Last year more than 450 people attended MedFest events and we hope to spread awareness of the influence moving images have over public medical understanding, in the UK and worldwide."

There will be a diverse range of films being featured this year - ranging from 1960’s footage from the Wellcome Trust, to films made by charities and Hollywood blockbusters. MedFest aims to emphasis the educational potential of all forms of moving images.

The event is free to attend on 1 March 2012 and all are welcome. It will be held in the Archaeology Lecture Theatre at 6.30pm, there will be a drinks reception before and after. Tickets are not required, seats will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

For more information see the link below.

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