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UCL News Podcast - Welcome Week & our guide to UCLU

27 September 2012


The UCL News podcast gives you the opportunity to listen to the latest news and research from around UCL every fortnight. Split up into three parts, you can either listen to the podcast all in one go, or save features for later listening. 

On this podcast we welcome our new students and highlight some of the latest news across UCL. We also get a taste of life at UCL Union from student sabbatical officer James Skuse and catch up with Dr Geraint Jones who has being trying his hand at science journalism at the Guardian this summer.

Part 1 - News

This week Rob Eagle, UCL’s multimedia producer, joins us in the podcast to explain the success of UCL’s YouTube channels, which has reached more than one million views this week. But first, it probably hasn’t escaped your notice that it’s Freshers Week this week. As well as individual course welcome events, the UCL Union are organising a welcome festival, with stalls from more than190 clubs and societies. We also hear about a new study from UCL Mental Health Unit which draws links between low IQ and poor health.

Part 2 – A day in the life of UCL Union

Ex-student and sabbatical officer James Skuse describes a day in the life of UCL Union with help from student voices from around the university. The student union has always played a massive role at UCL and this piece gives us a glimpse into the work of the students and staff that keep it going from one year to the next.

Part 3 – Dr Geraint Jones’s summer of science journalism

This summer UCL space scientist Dr Geraint Jones delved into the fast-paced world of science journalism at the Guardian with the help of the British Science Association. Science and technology studies student Rupert Coles interviewed him for the podcast up in Aberdeen, during this year’s British Science Festival to find out a little bit more about his time at the Guardian, and how his perspective on the job of being journalist has changed.


UCL Mental Health Unit
British Science Association media fellowships