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Pathway representatives wanted for liberal arts programme

28 February 2011

Liberal Arts

UCL is launching a BASc Arts and Sciences programme for entry in September 2012.

The programme will follow a new model of interdisciplinary undergraduate programme for UCL and for the UK which will allow students to pursue an arts and a science specialism.

It will be structured around four Pathways: Cultures, Societies, Health and Environment and Sciences and Engineering. Students will select a major and a minor Pathway, and will select their optional modules accordingly. Each Pathway acts as a ‘container’ for the optional modules, and provides a way of structuring students’ progression through their degree.

The programme needs UCL staff who would be interested in acting as Pathway representatives. The role encompasses a range of duties, including (but not limited to): working with the Programme Director to determine the modules available within each Pathway; supervision and guidance of students to make coherent option choices; liaison with contacts in departments and Faculties to facilitate the timetabling of the Arts and Sciences programme; promotion of the programme to prospective students.

Speaking in The Guardian about the new Liberal Arts degree, UCL President and Provost Malcolm Grant said: “The thing that has always troubled me is the extent to which the English model has been a narrowing of focus through A–levels and then further narrowing at university.”

“It’s the age–old debate between arts and humanities and the relative ignorance of the two communities, and that’s what I see a liberal arts programme as tackling; producing students who are both literate and numerate.”

This role will take up one working day per week, and arrangements for this will be made with individual departments.

For a more complete list of responsibilities and for details of how to apply for the role, please contact the Programme Director Carl Gombrich on extension 33115.