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Learning & Teaching Desktop is Changing to Desktop@UCL

9 August 2013

Desktop@UCL is being rolled out into all Learning and Teaching spaces; including ISD Computer Workrooms, Halls of Residences and Lecture Theatres.

Approximately 450 computers have been converted across thirty locations and the rollout will continue throughout August and September.

The rollout is being undertaken in two phases: firstly core applications are being rolled out (this includes Windows 7, Office 2013 and web browsers), then each week further applications will be released. A list of available applications is available at the link below, and will be updated each week online. All learning and teaching applications will be available by the start of the new term.

The DMS Watson Library will be one of the last areas to be converted to Desktop@UCL. Some of the current Myriad computers will continue to be madeĀ  available for students requiring access to applications not yet available on the new Desktop. If students are unable to access the Myriad computers in the DMS Watson Library, they can contact the project team for assistance at ucldesktop@ucl.ac.uk

Room Bookings, Summer Rollout and Access to Applications

If you have booked any Learning and Teaching spaces over the summer and these have already been converted to Desktop@UCL, you will be able to access the internet and Office applications and any of the released applications.

If you require access to a specific application during August and September which is not yet available on Desktop@UCL, please contact the project team at the email above for assistance.

The full list of applications that will be available on Desktop@UCL by the start of the new academic year can be found on the Software Database.

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