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Cyril Hilsum Medal awarded

30 April 2008

Dr Sally Day (UCL Electronic & Electrical Engineering) has been presented with the Cyril Hilsum medal by the British Liquid Crystal Society at their annual conference.

Sally Day

Dr Day has been working in the field of liquid-crystal devices and applications for the last 20 years, initially at Thorn EMI and RSRE, Malvern (now Qinetiq), then at UCL as a Royal Society University Research Fellow, where she is now a Senior Lecturer. Her work at RSRE covered improvements in liquid-crystal display devices as well as nonlinear optical applications of liquid-crystal materials. At UCL, in the Optical Devices & Systems Laboratory in the Photonics Group she has been concerned with the use of liquid crystals in tunable microlenses and wavelength-selective Fabry Perot filters.

More recently she has been concerned with the application of modelling software developed by the Computer Modelling Research Team of Dr Anibal Fernandez (UCL Electronic & Electrical Engineering), which can simulate the performance of liquid-crystal devices in 3D. Her work on liquid-crystal displays has covered design of Liquid Crystal on Silicon devices, cholesteric polarisers, large-area displays for architectural applications and, starting recently, a 3D-stereoscopic display.

The Cyril Hilsum Medal is awarded to British candidates for overall contributions to liquid-crystal science and technology. The award is made to more senior scientists who have made notable contributions to the subject over a number of years.