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‘Excellence and the UCL community: a shared endeavour’

12 January 2007

A document setting out UCL’s expectations of its academic staff has been published online. ‘Excellence and the UCL community: a shared endeavour’, endorsed by UCL Academic Board, also indicates UCL’s obligations in support of its staff.

In the document’s foreword, UCL President and Provost Professor Malcolm Grant writes: “UCL is an academic-led institution. We are entitled as a leading research university to have the highest expectations of all of our academic colleagues, throughout their careers at UCL, while accepting that the balance between components of different colleagues’ contributions – to research, teaching, enabling and knowledge transfer – will naturally vary and may also change over time. … We also recognise that people’s ability to meet these expectations depends upon their having proper support from the institution, both directly in terms of resources, and less directly in terms of sustaining a thriving community of scholarship.”

To view the document, use the link at the bottom of this article.


‘Excellence and the UCL community: a shared endeavour’