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Lifelong learning cut short

The adult education sector "suffers enormously" through a lack of evidence on its methods, learners and impacts, says Honorary Senior Lecturer Dr Andrew Morris (UCL Institute of Education). Read: TES (£)

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Re-homing the Rosetta Stone

Professor Stephen Quirke (UCL Institute of Archaeology) suggests a broadening of the debate into the re-homing of the Rosetta Stone, in a joint letter to the Evening Standard. Read: Evening Standard

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Could tax cuts benefit everyone?

In an article exploring the impacts of tax cuts, Visiting Professor Paul Ormerod (UCL Computer Science) suggests recent cuts and improved US economic growth this year may be linked. Read: City AM

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New research on child tonsil operations

New research on child tonsil operations and subsequent readmissions may have ‘limitations’, commented Professor Martin Birchall (UCL Ear Institute), saying the data misses the majority of bleeding episodes that occur at home, or present to emergency centres. Read: Guardian

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Comet tails: Charged dust blowing in the solar wind    

How a comet’s dust tail forms bands stretching millions of kilometres across the sky has been observed for the first time by a team of scientists led by PhD student Oliver Price and Professor Geraint Jones (both UCL Space & Climate Physics), revealing the charged nature of the dust particles and the important role of the Sun in forming the characteristic patterns. Read: Daily MailMore: UCL News

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