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Australia beats UK for overseas students

Research by Professor Simon Marginson (UCL Centre for Global Higher Education) has tracked the latest movements in international students. He says Australia is overtaking the UK as the world's second biggest destination for international students. Read: BBC

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The teaching of religious education in schools

Dr Farid Panjwani (UCL Institute of Education) and other education professionals respond to a recent Times article, expressing concern that low levels of religious education at secondary school level means too many teenagers are being deprived of vital knowledge about different faiths and beliefs in community, public and world affairs. Read: The Times

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Brexit: now it’s a battle over who governs Britain

In an article which assesses the recent Brexit debate on trade relationships, Martin Kettle reflects on political alliances, referencing the launch of UCL’s Independent Commission on Referendums and suggests the report is ‘one of the very few serious attempts to get to grips with the question that remains at the root of our present political discontents: whether referendums can coexist with representative democracy.’ Read: The Guardian

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Improving London's housing supply

In a letter to the Times, 36 housing experts, including Visiting Professor, Dr Janice Morphet, (UCL Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment), call on the Government to diversify the housing supply, speed up the provision of new housing and fulfil the ambitions of the Letwin Review. Read: The Times

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The power of data

Dr Hannah Fry (UCL Advanced Spatial Analysis) comments on the collection of data, how it has changed and the risks and opportunities that come with data collection. Listen: BBC Radio 4 (from 5 min, 35 secs)

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Archaeologists find world's oldest bread

Professor Dorian Fuller and PhD candidate Lara Gonzalez Carratero (UCL Institute of Archaeology) published a new study providing the oldest evidence of bread at a site in Jordan, which reveals that people over 14,000 years ago had begun to eat food for social, cultural and potentially ideological reasons. Read: BBCMore: Evening StandardSunTelegraphDaily StarTimes (£)IndependentDaily MailCosmos MagazineYahooiNewsMetro, MSN

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200,000 British epileptics could benefit from new protein drug

Professor Dimitri Kullmann (UCL Institute of Neurology) has identified a protein in worms that significantly reduces epileptic seizures in rats. Professor Kullmann is “very optimistic” about the findings and comments on its potential availability on the NHS. Read: iNews

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What’s the point of Ofsted?

Dr Melanie Ehren (UCL Institute of Education) comments on school inspections and how high-performing jurisdictions such as Finland, do not inspect schools. Read: TES (£)

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Free schools accused of 'social selection'

A study by Professor Rebecca Allen and Dr Rob Higham (UCL Institute of Education) has found that free schools in England reproduce socio-economic inequalities through social selection. Read: TES

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