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Degree apprenticeships launched to boost hi-tech skills

UCL has been confirmed as one of the higher education institutions taking part in the “degree apprenticeships”, a new government and industry scheme allowing young people to complete a full honours degree while working, without having to pay fees. Read: BBC News, More: THE, The Courier

Is bigger better for universities?

Professor Anthony Smith (UCL Vice Provost, Education) discusses his experiences in both smaller and larger higher education institutions following the merger between in UCL and the School of Pharmacy in 2012. Read: THE

Up to 2m people could get NHS weight-loss surgery

Dr Rachel Batterham (UCL Metabolism & Experimental Therapeutics) explains how bariatric surgery can help people control type 2 diabetes. Read: Independent

Rocket trip suggests life started in space

Professor Andrew Coates (UCL MSSL) comments on research which has shown that DNA can survive atmospheric entry, saying that the idea that comets or meteorites may have played a role in seeding life on earth was gaining in acceptability. Read: Times

Risk from extreme weather set to rise

A Royal Society report headed by Professor Georgina Mace (UCL Genetics, Evolution & Environment) has found that the risk to the elderly from heatwaves could increase tenfold in Britain this century because of climate change and an ageing population. Read: BBC News, More: Times

Murderous addresses

Landing on a comet

The science of altruism

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