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More fatal earthquakes to come

Professor Bill McGuire (UCL Earth Sciences) explains the role climate change may play in triggering extreme geological events. Read: Newsweek

It’s time to talk about council tax

Professor Stephen Smith (UCL Economics) argues that the UK’s Council Tax urgently needs reevaluating and that there is no better time than the first year of a five-year parliament to tackle the issue. Read: Prospect Magazine

Science will suffer after general election – no matter who wins

Dr Jennifer Rohn (UCL Clinical Physiology) says that with neither Labour nor Conservatives pledging to protect research budgets, public-spending cuts could hit labs around the UK. Read: New Scientist

Predicted Carmageddon did not happen as global traffic appears to have stalled

Professor Phillip Goodwin and Professor David Metz (both UCL Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering) explore whether we have reached ‘peak car’, the point at which traffic growth stops and even falls on a per capita basis. Read: South China Morning Post

Universities must reconnect with the outside world

Professor Michael Stewart (UCL Anthropology) says universities currently suffer from three malaises: they are deadly conservative, not nearly as socially inclusive as they should be, and the research environments that they cultivate remain too enclosed. Read: THE (£)

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