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NSA cryptography proposal rejected by allies

Dr Steven J Murdoch (UCL Computer Science) has commented on allied nations' rejection of the US National Security Agency's proposals for new cryptography standards. Read: Sky News

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Scientists back vaping as chance of quitting cigarettes rises

Professor Robert West (UCL Epidemiology & Health) has led a study that found smokers' chances of quitting successfully are higher than ever recorded, as widespread use of e-cigarettes helps people give up. Read: Times (£), More: The Sun, Guardian, BBC, BBC Radio 4 'News Briefing' (from 3 mins 35 secs), BBC 'News at One' (from 20 mins 13 secs), BBC 2 'Victoria Derbyshire' (from 1 hr 33 mins), Yahoo News

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Almost 100,000 teens are 'super obese'

A new study led by Professor Russell Viner (UCL Institute of Child Health) finds that 2.4 per cent of 13 to 18-year-olds are “super obese” and have no chance of returning to a healthy weight without surgical intervention. Read: Sun

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Elsevier takes on Wikipedia with science definitions service

Professor Diana Laurillard, chair of learning with digital technologies (UCL Institute of Education) says that most academics recognise the enormous value of Wikipedia for accessing basic information but rail against tiny inaccuracies in their own field. Read: THE

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Chin up! Botox injections can lift your jawline

Mr Ash Mosahebi, professor of plastic surgery (UCL Surgical & Interventional Science) comments on a potential new Botox treatment for an under-projected chin, highlighting the numbers used in the study are small and Botox may have negative effects on smiling and facial movements. Read: Daily Mail

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