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24 June 2013: With the Comprehensive Spending Review, Osborne Gets Personal

I would like to see George Osborne take action to match his fine words and bolster his commitment to research and to universities, says Professor Stephen Caddick (UCL Vice Provost for Enterprise). Read: Huffington Post More...

24 June 2013: What Is Death?

Dr Nick Lane (UCL Genetics, Evolution & Environment) joins Brian Cox and Robin Ince and guests to discuss the science of death. Listen: BBC Radio 4's Infinite Monkey Cage More...

24 June 2013: Funding bodies will have to force scientists to share data

The open access movement is forcing publishers to take down paywalls, making publicly funded research available to the public for free. But beyond that a more important development is pacing in the wings – that of open data, says Dr Michael Galsworthy (UCL School of Life and Medical Sciences). Read: Conversation More: The Hindu

24 June 2013: Doctors on Everest

Anaesthetist and presenter Dr Joff Lacey joins medics and researchers from the UCL Centre for Altitude Space and Extreme Environment Medicine on Everest in the largest high altitude study of its kind. Watch: Al Jazeera's The Cure

23 June 2013: Protests in Bulgaria: the unnoticed uprising

Bulgarians are not revolting about income levels or detrimental healthcare reforms. The June 2013 slogans are about dignity, absurdity, and the feeling of being ridiculed by those paid to represent you, says Anna Plyushteva (UCL Geography). Read: The Conversation

21 June 2013: Scientists make world's most detailed 3D brain map

"This three dimensional model has taken about ten years of really painstaking work by several different people around the world," said Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore (UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience). Listen: BBC Radio 4's Today (from 50 mins) Watch: Channel 4 News

20 June 2013: Learn to shake your new tail as a virtual animal

Virtual reality could allow us to go far beyond having longer arms or an extra limb. In principle, we could inhabit any form, says William Steptoe (UCL Computer Science). Read: New Scientist

20 June 2013: UCL software reveals Ulster’s forgotten history in fire-damaged book

“Before we could read about 50 per cent of the text, but now we can read around 90 per cent,” said Dr Melissa Terras (UCL Centre for Digital Humanities). Read: THE More: UCL News More...

20 June 2013: Doing Arnie impressions can activate your brain

Dr Carolyn McGettigan (UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience) writes about her recent investigation into how the brain controls vocal modulations during accents and impersonations. Read: The Conversation

20 June 2013: Community pharmacy: a pill for primary care

The only area where pharmacists and doctors are not usually working as a team is in primary care, and this is neither in the patient’s interests nor that of the NHS, says Professor Nicholas Barber (UCL School of Pharmacy). Read: The Health Foundation

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