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5 December 2012: Severely premature babies: More survive being born early

More babies survive being born before 27 weeks but severe disability rates are unchanged, according to a study by Professor Neil Marlow (UCL Institute for Women's Health). Read: Independent More: BBC News Daily Mail Guardian Telegraph Times (£) BBC R4 Today (1h 50m 50s & 2h 3m 37s) UCL News

5 December 2012: Back-to-basics money shot shows a cent's battle scars

Martin John Callanan (UCL Slade) stitched together 4,000 images to show the scarred surface of a 1-cent Euro coin. Read: New Scientist More...

4 December 2012: Viewpoint: Does deafness contribute to dementia?

Recent scientific research has suggested there could be a connection between hearing loss and the brain, contributing to greater cognitive decline as we age, says Professor David McAlpine (UCL Ear Institute). Read: BBC News More...

3 December 2012: Low level exposure to pesticide harms memory

A review of 14 separate studies by Dr Sarah McKenzie Ross (UCL Clinical, Educational & Health Psychology) shows that organophosphates can damage the brain and nervous system. Read: Sunday Telegraph Farmers Weekly BBC R4 Farming Today (from 9m) More: UCL News

3 December 2012: Neuroscientists develop easier way to read papers

Minimanuscript, a start-up begun by two UCL alumni, was launched last week. Their website -  backed by UCL Advances -  lets registered users post free summaries of research papers. Read: International Herald Tribune

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