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19 December 2011: High-energy lifestyles led to evolution of the sexes

Zena Hadjivasiliou (UCL CoMPLEX) on how mitochondria, and high-energy demands, led to the evolution of only two sexes. Read: Planet Earth Online More: UCL News

19 December 2011: 'We want to prevent people getting dementia'

Following a £20million gift from The Wolfson Foundation to establish a new neurodegeneration research centre, Professor Nick Fox (UCL Institute of Neurology) comments on the work it will carry out. Read: BBC More: UCL press release

16 December 2011: The transfer of tax powers leaves Westminster with difficult choices of its own

Alan Trench (UCL Constitution Unit) comments on the Scotland Bill, and says the ball is in London’s court. Read: Scotsman

15 December 2011: UCL archaeology sets its sights on Qatar's fertile terrain

Professor Thilo Rehren (UCL Qatar) talks about UCL-Q, and the plans to build up a new research institution focusing on archaeology and museum studies. Read: Times Higher Education

15 December 2011: London built with the blood of British slaves

New evidence suggests that the capital was built by slaves in around AD 50 as a Roman military base, says Dr Dominic Perring (UCL Archaeology). Read: Evening Standard

14 December 2011: EU officials defend fiscal union agreement at European parliament meeting

Professor Christian Dustmann (UCL Economics) says that it is very important to get a fiscal deal to allow the European Central Bank to support Government debt. Watch: Sky News

13 December 2011: Whether we find the Higgs Boson or not, particle physics is a benefit to us all

Professor Jon Butterworth, Professor Jenny Thomas (UCL Physics & Astronomy), and Dr Lucie Green (UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory) discuss the Higgs Boson and CERN. Read: Guardian More: BBC Radio 4 Today Telegraph BBC Newsnight Channel 4 News

12 December 2011: Haemophilia gene therapy shows early success

Study of gene therapy led by Dr Amit Nathwani (UCL Cancer Institute) offers first proof adults with haemophilia B benefit from treatment. Read: BBC More: WSJ New York Times Reuters UCL press release and video

9 December 2011: Report considers maltreatment of Children

Professor Ruth Gilbert (UCL Institute of Child Health) claims government policies designed to reduce child maltreatment have been unsuccessful. Listen: BBC Radio 4 Today (from 54mins 28s) More: GOSH Press Release More...

9 December 2011: Brain changes seen in cabbies who take 'The Knowledge'

Professor Eleanor Maguire (UCL Imaging Neuroscience) comments on how taxi drivers’ brains rewire while learning their way around London. Read: BBC News More: Nature Telegraph Times (£) Daily Mail Mirror More...

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