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31 July 2012: 'London's rush-hour has changed'

Dr Martin Austwick (UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis) discusses changing commuting patterns during the Olympics, based on GPS data. Watch: BBC London

31 July 2012: 'Spray-patch' could mend hearts

Dr Suwan Jayasinghe (UCL Institute of Biomedical Engineering) explains how research to develop a 10,000 volt 3D electric sprayer firing out heart cells could be developed as a tool to treat heart attacks. Read: BBC News

31 July 2012: Motivation trumps A-level maths

Professor Nick Tyler (UCL Civil, Geomatic & Environmental Engineering) disagrees with calls to make maths A-Level compulsory, saying that student motivation is far more important. Read: The Independent

30 July 2012: Mapping the Games

The giant map of London's streets used in the Olympic opening ceremony was created by urban planning and design company Space Syntax and based on analysis of street networks developed at UCL's Bartlett School of Architecture. Read: Daily Mail More: UCL News

30 July 2012: Doctors 'unaware' over exercise

Dr Richard Weiler (UCL Institute of Sport, Exercise & Health) leads new research showing half of medical students are not learning about the benefits of exercise. Read: BBC News More: Press Association Daily Telegraph

27 July 2012: Drug-resistant HIV 'on increase' in sub-Saharan Africa

Dr Ravindra Gupta (UCL Infection & Immunity) discusses the HIV/AIDS research landscape, the challenges of drug-resistance and the chances of finding a cure. Listen: BBC Radio 4 Today (from 2min 48sec) More...

27 July 2012: New patient chart to save 6,000 lives a year in the UK

The introduction of a new standardised way of displaying a patient’s vital signs in hospital could halve avoidable deaths, according to a report led by Dr Bryan Williams (UCL Cardiovascular Science). Read: The Independent More: Daily Telegraph BBC Radio 4 Today (from 1hr 09mins), More info: UCL News

26 July 2012: Britain Unleashed: our world-class universities can lead us to prosperity

If used properly, Britain’s universities can - and will - sustain immediate and long term economic prosperity, says Professor Stephen Caddick (UCL Vice-Provost, Enterprise). Read: Telegraph More...

26 July 2012: Pioneering windpipe boy growing into healthy teenager

“This research should help to convert one-off successes into more widely available clinical treatments for thousands of children with severe tracheal problems worldwide,” says Professor Martin Birchall (UCL Ear Institute). Read: Telegraph More: ITV News, ABC News, More info: UCL News

26 July 2012: Blair criticised by Freedom of Information inquiry MPs

Professor Robert Hazell (UCL Constitution Unit) comments on the impact of the Freedom of Information Act, and says that the wider benefits of FOI for the democratic process has been "over-sold" by its supporters. Read: BBC News More...

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