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29 July 2011: Would students be better going to US?

Vice-Provost (International) Professor Michael Worton makes the case for staying in the UK to go to university, rather than travelling abroad. Read: The Times (£) More: UCL News

28 July 2011: Body shop: artificial organs - the medical revolution

An interview with Professor Alex Seifalian (UCL Research Department of General Surgery) whose groundbreaking work into artificial organs made from polymers recently led to the first synthetic trachea transplant. Read: Evening Standard

27 July 2011: Shouting science from the soap box

Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock (UCL Physics & Astronomy) and Dr Sue Black (UCL Computer Sciences) take part in Soapbox Science with the aim of challenging the public's view of women and science. Read: New Scientist More: Guardian, Independent

27 July 2011: Why are we so good at recognising our own facial expressions?

Richard Cook (UCL Psychology & Language Sciences) on why we are better at spotting our own facial expressions on an avatar than the expressions of our friends.  Read: Guardian

26 July 2011: Captain America - patriotic superhero

Dr Jason Dittmer (UCL Geography), a specialist on nationalist superheroes, offers his take on the new Captain America film. Listen: BBC Radio 4 'Front Row'

25 July 2011: Molecular scalpel hope for Duchenne muscular dystrophy

A 'molecular scalpel' shows promise in patients with a deadly muscle wasting condition, according to new research led by Professor Francesco Muntoni (UCL Institute of Child Health). Read: BBC News Online More: AFP BBC Radio 4 'Today'

22 July 2011: Being Bashar Assad

The Syrian dictator Bashar Assad is the subject of a profile by Dr Neill Lochery, UCL Hebrew and Jewish Studies. Read: Wall Street Journal (£) More...

22 July 2011: Working mothers do no harm to their young children, research finds

Research led by Dr Anne McMunn (UCL Epidemiology & Public Health) shows that Mothers do not harm their young children emotionally or socially by going out to work. Read: The Guardian More: Daily Mail Daily Express Daily Telegraph More...

21 July 2011: New enterprise plan at UCL aims for 500 new companies

Vice-Provost (Enterprise) Professor Steve Caddick elaborates on the launch of a five-year campaign to boost the role of enterprise at UCL.  Read: Science Business

21 July 2011: Fossil 'is first pregnant lizard'

A 120-million-year-old fossil is the oldest pregnant lizard ever discovered, according to new research led by Professor Susan Evans (UCL Cell & Developmental Biology). Read: BBC News Online More: UCL Press Release Daily Mail

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