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Why everyone is asking 'what colour is this dress?'

Explaining why people may perceive different colours in a photograph, Dr Beau Lotto (UCL Institute of Ophthalmology) says: "the brain has evolved not to see absolutes, but to see the difference between things." Read: BBC News

Islamic State 'destroys ancient statues in Iraq'

Professor Eleanor Robson (UCL History) explains the significance of the statues destroyed by Islamic State in Mosul, Iraq. Watch: BBC News, Read: Financial Times, Listen: BBC Radio 4 'World at One' (from 32 mins 46 secs)

Does the UK do enough to help its creative industries succeed?

As part of panel on entrepreneurship in Britain, Timothy Barnes (Director of UCL Advances) looks at how we can create an environment in which entrepreneurs can flourish. Read: Guardian

Security services aim to mend relationship with academics

Commenting on a newly launched research hub for security, Professor Angela Sasse (UCL Computer Science) said: “The call suggests to me that the security services have realised that this kind of working doesn’t help to build a coherent knowledge base”. Read: Research Fortnight (£)

Out of the loop: why lay views of science are heard but not obeyed

Melanie Smallman (UCL Science & Technology Studies) says: “Public dialogue has become an integral part of the policymaking process, but those in power still pay more heed to the technocrats”. Read: Research Fortnight (£)

Elements: Chromium

E-cigarettes save lives

Cannabis in the UK

Building on the boundaries

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