UCL in the media

The transferrable postdoc

Professor David Bogle (Head of UCL Graduate School) explains the skills which make postdocs universally attractive to employers. Read: Science

Neanderthal 'artwork' found in Gibraltar cave

Dr Matt Pope (UCL Archaeology) comments on the discovery of an engraving in a cave in Gibraltar which may be an example of Neanderthal art. Read: BBC News

Mind tricks at work

Dr David Tuckett (UCL Clinical, Educational & Health Psychology) explains how avoiding stress by distorting reality through psychological defensive measures can be detrimental to financial decision making. Read: Financial Times

Cuba tightens bra limits, but serious threat to trade comes from US sanctions

Dr Emily Morris (UCL Institute of the Americas) looks at the new trade limits Cuba has imposed on goods being imported from the US. Read: The Conversation

UK counter-terrorism proposals

Professor Philippe Sands (UCL Laws) discusses the legality of the counter-terrorism measures proposed by David Cameron. Listen: BBC Radio Scotland ‘Newsdrive’ (from 12 mins 15 secs)

Private passions

How to make our children safe

Crisis counsellors

What lit up the universe?

Icelandic volcano

Aging may be linked to diet

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