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Can we stop the rise of the career politician?

The Parliamentary Candidates UK (PCUK) study, led by Dr Jennifer Hudson (UCL Constitution Unit), shows that that a third of all candidates for the 2015 general election already have political jobs as councillors, advisers or union officials. Read: Telegraph

Magic shoes: How to hear yourself instantly happy

Research led by Dr Ana Tajadura Jimenez (UCL Interaction Centre) as part of the Hearing Body Project, has found that It is possible to ‘hear yourself happy’ by changing the noises that the body hears as it moves around. Read: New Scientist, More: Telegraph, Daily Mail

What’s next for the world’s 5 million IVF babies?

Professor Alastair Sutcliffe (UCL Institute of Child Health) explains how studying 20 years’ worth of data can help scientists to understand the long-term health effects of IVF - and how to improve its success rate and safety. Read: Guardian

Online course opens to sharpen start-up minds

UCL has partnered with Tech City UK, Cambridge University’s Judge Business School and Founder Centric to launch the Digital Business Academy - the world’s first government-supported online learning platform to provide digital and business skills. Read: Financial Times, More: Telegraph, ITV News, UCL News

Antidepressant prescriptions soar to 50m a year

Dr Joanna Moncrieff (UCL Psychiatry) comments on new figures which show more than 50 million prescriptions for anti-depressants were written last year. Read: Daily Express

Landing on a comet

The science of altruism

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