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Europa: Our best shot at finding alien life?

Knowing there is liquid under the surface of Europa makes it one of the most exciting potential targets to look for life say Professor Andrew Coates and Dr Geraint Jones (UCL Space & Climate Physics) as NASA announces new mission to Jupiter's moon. Read: BBC News, More: Mirror

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Stem Cell Research and AMD

Professor Pete Coffey (UCL Institute of Ophthalmology) is interviewed about a recent US case of three women who paid for stem cell treatment in a private clinic which left them with virtually no vision, while discussing whether that could happen in the UK. Listen: BBC Radio 4 'In Touch'

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Using satnav 'switches off' parts of the brain

A study led by Dr Hugo Spiers (UCL Psychology & Language Sciences) found that using a satnav to get to your destination 'switches off' parts of the brain that would otherwise be used to simulate different routes. Read: The Guardian, Watch: BBC Breakfast, More: Scientific American, The Times (£), Evening Standard, Daily Mail, The Sun, Mirror, ExpressTimes of India, Globe and Mail, The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, Reuters, UCL News

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25 tips for your Isa

Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos (UCL Psychology & Language Sciences) comments on how investors can be prone to  “activity bias” – the idea that doing something is better than doing nothing. Read: The Telegraph

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TES talks to…Sarah-Jayne Blakemore

Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore (UCL Psychology & Language Sciences) is interviewed about her research into brain development among adolescents, and why she feels GCSEs are unnecessary and grammar school entrance exams are a misguided attempt to measure "innate ability." Read: TES

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