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The midlife body plan: how to get fit fast

Researchers at UCL tracked the exercise habits of people in their sixties. They found that those who exercised achieved "healthy" ageing, staving off serious illnesses up to seven times more effectively than their sedentary counterparts. Read: The Times (£)

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Ten thousand march for science in London

Numerous UCL academics took part in the march for science on April 22. Coverage includes comment from Professor Jon Butterworth (UCL Physics & Astronomy), Professor Chris Rapley (UCL Earth Sciences), Dr Francisco Diego (UCL Physics & Astronomy), Dr Tracy Underwood (UCL Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering), and Lucy Young (UCL Cancer Institute). Read: The Guardian, More: Financial Times, THE, Nature

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Sinking the Bermuda Triangle Theory

Dr Helen Czerski (UCL Mechanical Engineering) debunks the myth that ships lost in the so-called Bermuda Triangle may have been pulled under by methane bubbles from undersea gas explosions. Read: Huffington Post

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Weird science pushes back the boundaries

Professor Andrew Fisher and Professor Jonathan Butterworth (UCL Physics & Astronomy) comment on the development of a fluid with negative mass that works counter to Newton's second law of motion as it moves slower when pushed. Read: The Times (£)

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Education Sec wants grammar schools for 'ordinary families'

Dr Alice Sullivan (UCL Institute of Education) comments on the government’s grammar schools plan, stating they are “by definition selective” and will “never be the solution for average or below average kids”. She argues the government should instead focus on getting good graduates into teaching and making sure it’s a successful profession. Watch: BBC News

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