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Standing desks aren't better for you

Research by UCL and Exeter University has found that sitting down is no worse for you than standing up as long as you take regular exercise. Read: Evening Standard

Elite athletes

Professor Vincent Walsh (UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience) discusses how elite athletes perform under stress. Listen: BBC Radio Wales ‘Jason Mohammad’ (from 1 hour 44 mins)

See the world through the eyes of a chameleon

The PolyEyes 2.0 headset has been created by researchers at the UCL Interactive Architecture Lab and uses pivoting cameras in domes that let wearers see two views at once. Read: Daily Mail

Cheese was food of the gods in Stone Age Britain

Archaeologists from UCL and the University of York, including Professor Mike Parker Pearson (UCL Archaeology), have discovered that the builders of Stonehenge offered up cheese, milk and yoghurt to their deities during ancient ceremonies, keeping ‘impure’ meat for feasting amongst themselves. Read: Telegraph

World’s first trial of stem cell therapy in the womb

Dr Anna David (UCL Maternal & Fetal Medicine) comments on a clinical trial of stem cell therapy in the womb which aims to help babies born with brittle bone disease start life with stronger skeletons. Read: New Scientist

Alternative therapies

Nobel Prize in Physics

Restoration to Revolution


Romance and romanticism

The end of the people's car

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