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Back to the future

Professor Stephen Machin (UCL Economics) says the average age of trade union members is 44. Read: Economist

Fruit snacks 'contain more sugar than sweets'

Professor Aubrey Sheiham (UCL Epidemiology & Public Health) says fruit snacks with high levels of hidden sugars are causing problems with children's teeth. Read: BBC News

Lost memories recovered in mice with a flash of light

Dr James Bisby (UCL Clinical & Experimental Epilepsy) says it is not surprising that scientists have been able to recover 'lost' memories in mice. Read: New Scientist

Isis shoots 20 prisoners in Palmyra’s Roman theatre

Dr Sam Hardy (UCL Archaeology) comments on ISIS’s vow not to destroy monuments in Palmyra. Read: Times (£)

The London Powerhouse: Universities are at the heart of the capital’s success

UCL, and London’s other elite universities, are helping to redefine excellence in Britain’s global higher education offering. Read: City AM

The Science of Glass

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