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31 May 2013: Mars mission astronauts face radiation exposure risk

"The accumulation of the measured exposure in less than a year is clearly at a dangerous level," said Dr Geraint Jones (UCL Space & Climate Physics). Read: Guardian More: Guardian Notes & Theories

31 May 2013: Syrian academics seek refuge at UK universities

“We need to send a powerful message from UK universities that we see ourselves as part of a global academic community and we have a responsibility to countries where education and higher education is under threat,” said Professor Michael Worton (UCL Vice Provost: International). Read: FT More: Evening Standard New York Times / International Herald Tribune

31 May 2013: UN court acquits two Serbs of war crimes

Dr Eric Gordy (UCL School of Slavonic & East European Studies) criticises the decision of a United Nations court to acquit two close aides of the former Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic. Read: New York Times More...

30 May 2013: The App Industry

Professor Anthony Steed (UCL Computer Science) talks to Evan Davis about his app Chirp which uses audio to share information. Listen: BBC Radio 4's The Bottom Line

30 May 2013: 'Avatars' help patients with schizophrenia banish their demons

"The patient essentially has a therapist in their pocket which they can listen to at any time when harassed by the voices," said Professor Julian Leff (UCL Mental Health Sciences). Read: Evening Standard More: UCL News Guardian BBC Bloomberg New Scientist Medical Daily E&T Mirror The Conversation Daily Mail Business Standard Listen: BBC's World Service The Science Hour Time New Scientist (1) New Scientist (2) Ham & High Nursing Times

29 May 2013: Everest scientists' feat of endurance for critically ill patients

Professor Monty Mythen and Dr Dan Martin (both UCL Institute of Child Health) discuss the Xtreme Everest team's search for a breakthrough in critical care. Watch: Guardian (1) and (2) More: North-West Mail

28 May 2013: How do universities deal with gender segregation?

Rex Knight (UCL Vice Provost for Operations) comments on gender segregation. Read: Guardian

28 May 2013: ‘Cloud’ to help UCL researchers with blue-sky thinking

University College London is planning to build its own vast £500,000 "cloud" for researchers to store and share data. Read: Evening Standard More: Information Week

28 May 2013: The Life Scientific: Linda Partridge

Professor Linda Partridge (UCL Genetics, Evolution & Environment) discusses her research on the genetics of ageing and her route into science. Listen: BBC Radio 4's Life Scientific

28 May 2013: Mark Miodownik: an obsession with materials

When a stranger slashed the young Professor Mark Miodownik (UCL Mechanical Engineering) with a razor, he became acutely aware of the properties of steel. This was the birth of his fascination with materials. Read: Guardian

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