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31 January 2012: Professor produces an abridged version of Ivanhoe

Professor John Sutherland (UCL English Language & Literature) says that if it’s a way of packaging things for modern times, then it’s rather bad. Listen: BBC Radio 4 Six O’clock News (from 27mins)

31 January 2012: Complementary medicine courses in universities: how I beat the varsity quacks

The teaching of complementary medicine has no place in British universities, says Professor David Colquhoun (UCL Division of Biosciences). Read: Telegraph (1) More: Telegraph (2)

30 January 2012: 'Toxic' risk of counterfeit cigarettes sold in Sussex

Professor Robert West (UCL Epidemiology and Public Health) says fake cigarettes contain "high levels of toxic heavy metals". Read: BBC News

30 January 2012: Brain Likely Encodes the World in Two Dimensions

“Our subjective sense that our map is three-dimensional is illusory,” says Professor Kate Jeffery (UCL Cognitive, Perceptual and Brain Sciences). Read: Scientific American More: UCL press release

30 January 2012: Putting care in patients’ hands

“We don’t need new molecular advances in the medicines for asthma,” says Dr Sara Hamilton (UCL Institute of Child Health). “The problem is using the medicines.” Read: Boston Globe

27 January 2012: Animal artists given own exhibition

The Art by Animals exhibition, which starts at UCL's Grant Museum of Zoology next week, features work from a number of different animal species. Read: PA More: Culture24 Time Out Evening Standard IB Times Art Lyst Londonist BBC London 94.9 (from 1hr 43mins) New Scientist Belfast Telegraph BBC News Telegraph

26 January 2012: Gingrich's moonbase 'electioneering'

Republican presidential contender Newt Gingrich has called for a base on the moon. Professor Andrew Coates (UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory) analyses just how realistic Mr Gingrich's vision is. Listen: BBC Radio 4 Today More...

26 January 2012: Research Intelligence - Renaissance man's word to the wise

Professor David Price (UCL Vice-Provost, Research) urges research-intensives to enlighten as well as inform. Read: Times Higher Education

26 January 2012: Three hours' extra work a day doubles risk of depression

Dr Marianna Virtanen (UCL Epidemiology & Health) says "working excessive hours is associated with an increased risk of major depression”. Read: Independent More: Daily Mail Telegraph Scotsman CNN Economic Times Metro

25 January 2012: Cambridge and UCL to coach state pupils on winning places

UCL and Cambridge are teaming up to help teenagers in Southwark reach their potential. Read: Evening Standard

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