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Life in the volcanic danger zone: how well can scientists predict eruptions?

Professor Bill McGuire (UCL Earth Sciences) discusses the importance of predicting future volcano eruptions to save lives but says this "Holy Grail for volcanologists" is likely to remain some way off. Read: Guardian

The Cosmos - revealing some of the secrets of Jupiter

Dr Geraint Jones (UCL MSSL) explains, in Welsh, how life on Earth is being protected by the largest planet in our solar system - Jupiter. Watch: S4C Clic (for English language subtitles, select 'I' and 'Isdeitlau Saesneg')

60 years of CERN

To celebrate 60 years of CERN, Professor Jonathan Butterworth (UCL Physics & Astronomy) discusses the impact of its work. Listen: BBC World Service ‘Science in Action’

How the world's first smartwatch was built

Professor Lisa Jardine (UCL Centre for Editing Lives & Letters) reflects on the rich history of time-pieces and the power of clocks and watches. Read: BBC News, Listen: BBC Radio 4 ‘A Point of View’

Calculating the distance to the Sun

Dr Andrew Pontzen (UCL Physics & Astronomy) explains how we calculate the distance to the sun. Listen: BBC World Service ‘More or Less’

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English votes for English laws

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