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Murderous addresses

Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos (UCL Clinical, Educational & Health Psychology) explains the psychological processes that go into buying a house. Listen: BBC Radio 4 ‘You and Yours’ (from 34 mins 55 secs)

Monster telescope needs mind-bending mathematics to uncover secrets of the universe

Dr Jason McEwen (UCL Space & Climate Physics) explains how the new theory of compressed sensing could play an essential role in recovering images from fragments of information far in the distant universe. Read: The Conversation

Wi-Fi detection system sees through walls

A team from UCL has developed a target detection system that uses existing Wi-Fi signals to track and monitor moving bodies through walls. Read: The Engineer

Internet usage boosts health of the elderly

A study led by Lindsay Kobayashi (UCL Epidemiology & Health) has found that older people who use the internet regularly are healthier because they are better informed about medical issues. Read: Daily Mail, More: Daily Express

UCL and IoE confirm merger date

UCL and the Institute of Education have confirmed they will merge next week on 2 December. Read: THE, More: UCL News

Landing on a comet

The science of altruism

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