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The (atrocious) luck of the dinosaurs

Research conducted by a team of international academics, including Dr Paul Upchurch (UCL Earth Sciences), has found that dinosaurs may have survived if the asteroid that killed them had struck slightly earlier or later. Read: Forbes

Capacity Mechanism

Professor Michael Grubb (UCL Energy Institute) discusses the government’s Capacity Mechanism and says that the likelihood of power cuts occurring is very small. Listen: BBC Radio 4 ‘You and Yours’ (from 38 mins 16 secs)

Gross underinvestment in antibacterial research

Michael Head (UCL Infection & Population Health) comments on a study which found that between 2008-13 less than 1% of research funding was awarded to UK researchers for cutting edge work on antibiotics. Read: Lancet (£), More: Times of India

U.K.’s big banks face probe into checking accounts

Dr Ioannis Lianos (UCL Laws) explains why some of Britain’s largest banks face an investigation into small-business lending and checking accounts. Read: Washington Post

School ties and Oxbridge degrees are still key to a career at the Bar

Professor Richard Moorhead (UCL Laws) explains how the recruitment and promotion practices at the Bar remain a serious impediment to a diverse judiciary. Read: The Times (£)

Great Brain Experiment

Conversion therapy

Watching the eclipse

ISEE-3 Reboot Project

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