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Trying to be perfect could be ruining your health

Perfectionism can have a negative effect on health – including an increased risk of eating disorders. Professor Roz Shafran (UCL Neurosciences & Mental Health) explains why perfectionists are more likely to be binge eaters. Read: Daily Mail

Study suggests link between fall in salt intake and drop in heart attack deaths

New research claims a drop in daily salt intake played an important role in lowering stroke and coronary heart disease fatalities but Professor Patrick Wolfe (UCL Statistical Science) says: “Plausibility of assumption does not equal evidence". Read: Guardian

Businesses need better understanding of built environment

A UCL Bartlett report has found that business leaders need to invest in sustainability and infrastructure in the built environment if they want to remain competitive on a global scale. Read: The Guardian, More: edieEnergy, FMJ

E-cigarettes full of puff as user numbers triple to 2.1m

Professor Robert West (UCL Epidemiology and Public Health) says: "About 85% of people using e-cigarettes are smokers trying to quit". Read: Sunday Times (£)

Give primary school pupils lessons on drugs

Professor Simon Gibbons (UCL Pharmaceutical and Biological Chemistry), a member of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, has recommended a broader drugs education in primary and middle schools. Read: Telegraph, More: Daily Mail

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