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Looted in Syria – and sold in London

Posing undercover as an antiques dealer in London, Dr Mark Altaweel (UCL Archaeology) investigates whether looted antiquities from Syria and Iraq are available on the UK market. Listen: BBC Radio Scotland ‘Sunday Morning’ (from 1 hour 47 mins), Read: Guardian

App welcomes your arrival with message in a bubble

An app developed by Dr Beau Lotto (UCL Ophthalmology) allows the sender to virtually place a message, photograph, audio recording or video footage at a particular longitude and latitude. Read: Times (£)

Recovery of UK economy is the slowest since records began

Professor Stephen Machin (UCL Economics) says that productivity growth in recent years has been “anaemic”. Read: Independent

Leading academic answers the most common anti-immigration claims

Professor John Salt (UCL Geography) responds to some of the most common assertions about immigration to the UK. Read: Independent

The dark web

Dr Steven Murdoch (UCL Computer Science) explains how the dark web can be used for the sale of illegal goods. Listen: BBC 5 live ‘5 live Drive’ (from 1 hour 6 mins)

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House of Lords reform

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