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Police can now tell identical twins apart – just melt their DNA

Dr Georgina Meakin (UCL Security & Crime Science) comments on a new technique that can quickly and cheaply pin a DNA sample to a particular twin. Read: New Scientist

Hubble captured the throes of a dying star, V838 Moncerotis

Professor Raman Prinja (UCL Physics & Astronomy) examines Hubble’s images of the dying star V838 Moncerotis. Read: The Conversation

Under fire on all sides: what fate for Ofsted?

Professor Chris Husbands and Professor Dylan Wiliam (both UCL Institute of Education) comment on the criticisms faced by Ofsted. Read: TES

Yellowstone earthquakes reveal a volcanic system four times bigger than we thought

Robin Wylie (UCL Earth Sciences) explains how the discovery of a massive magma reservoir beneath the Yellowstone supervolcano could help us understand the deep structure of volcanoes. Read: The Conversation

Genes in a bottle: why DNA testing is the new frontier in health and fitness

Professor Mark Thomas (UCL Genetics, Evolution & Environment) comments on the range of personalised DNA testing kits available, saying we could “argue the rights and wrongs of such companies but I suspect that ship has sailed”. Read: Evening Standard

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