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E-cigarettes do help people quit smoking

Professor Robert West (UCL Epidemiology & Public Health) comments on a study which has found that using e-cigarettes can improve smokers’ chances of stopping by about 50 per cent. Read: Daily Mail

Cell therapies

Dr Emma Morris (UCL Infection & Immunity) has been looking at the use of genetically engineered T Cells that can specifically recognise the protein WT1 - which is overexpresssed in leukemia. Listen: BBC Radio 4 'Today' (from 2 hours 46 mins)

Inside the digital 'Harry Potter' church

A team led by Dr Andy Hudson-Smith (UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis) has teamed up with a church in Hackney to create a project aimed at exploring ways to communicate and share "empathy via digital means". Watch: BBC News

The grisly truth about children's cartoons

A study led by Dr James Kirkbride (UCL Psychiatry) and University of Ottawa, Canada has found that the main characters in cartoons for children are more than twice as likely to be killed off as those in films for adults. Read: Telegraph, More: Daily Mail, Guardian, Independent, Belfast Telegraph, Yorkshire Post, Herald Scotland, Press and Journal, Courier, Globe and Mail, Radio Times, Listen: BBC London 94.9 ‘Breakfast’ (from 1 hour)

Mary Rose's crew was riddled with rickets

A study led by Dr Jemma Kerns and Professor Allen Goodship (UCL Orthopaedics & Musculoskeletal Science) has used Raman spectroscopy to analyse the chemical composition of bones from sailors in the Mary Rose and found that rickets may have been prevalent throughout the crew. Read: Daily Mail, More: BBC News, The News, Listen: BBC Radio Wales 'Good Morning Wales' (from 2 hours 54 mins)

The Pillars of Creation

Prescription statistics

The stench of a cover-up

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