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London's Underground languages

Oliver O'Brien (UCL Geography) explains why French speakers are more evenly distributed across London compared to other languages. Read: BBC News

Academic research cuts through Theresa May’s immigration claims

A 2014 study by Professor Christian Dustmann (UCL CReAM) found that recent immigrants from both the European Economic Area and the rest of the world have added, respectively, £20bn and £5bn to the public finances between 2001 and 2011. Read: Financial Times, More: The Economist, Watch: BBC News

Fact Check: is there zero economic benefit from high immigration?

Professor Ian Preston (UCL Economics) examines the accuracy of Theresa May’s claims about immigration and the economy. Read: The Conversation

Kajita and McDonald win Nobel physics prize for work on neutrinos

Professor Jon Butterworth (UCL Physics & Astronomy) comments on Takaaki Kajita and Arthur McDonald receiving the Nobel Prize for Physics, saying “The discovery opened up a whole field of neutrino physics which is still producing amazing science”. Read: Guardian

Confusing government policy biggest threat to UK clean energy

Professor Michael Grubb (UCL Bartlett School Environment, Energy & Resources) says: “I can see no reason to go back [to centralised government control of energy] but I do think we have outgrown the idea that competition alone solves every problem in energy”. Read: Guardian

Romance and romanticism

The end of the people's car

Is there life on Mars?

It’s getting hotter

Migration crisis

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