What is RSS?

RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) is a web technology that allows a users to keep track of updated content from their favourite websites.

You may subscribe for free to the UCL News feed, or to a variety of subject-specific UCL News feeds. By using a News Reader or a browser that supports RSS (see ‘News Reading Software’, below), you can be alerted to the latest news items as they are published on the UCL website.

To subscribe to a news feed, copy its URL (web address) into the reader or click on the ‘RSS’ button in the right-hand column and either view the feed in your browser or import it into a News Reader (see ‘News Reading Software’, below).

Note for WTS Users: Members of the UCL Community who are using WTS (Windows Terminal Service) should use the Firefox browser to subscribe to live feeds using Firefox’s ‘live bookmarks’ feature (see ‘Web Browsers’, below).

UCL News Feeds

Feeds available include:

Faculty News

The UCL News RSS feed has also been segmented by faculty:

News by Topic

News Reading Software

Below are examples of news readers that are available for download from the web. For a more comprehensive listing, click here

PC Windows



Web-based Readers

Works in your web browser

Web Browsers

Internet Explorer Users

Internet Explorer 7 is the first version of Microsoft’s browser to support RSS. Details are available at http://www.microsoft.com/windows/IE/ie7/tour/rss/

Firefox Users

Users of the Firefox browser can obtain RSS feeds as ‘live bookmarks’. More details are available from the Firefox website at http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/livebookmarks.html

The latest version of Firefox - Firefox 2.0 can also be integrated with other web-based readers such as Google Reader.

Other Browsers

Click on the links below for information on RSS support in other browsers: