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4 ways to manage Third Term stress

There are all sorts of pressures in the Third Term which can cause stress. Everything from imminent deadlines, exams and getting ready to move out of your rented accommodation to friends that you’ve made over the year may be leaving London, or you might be leaving yourself.

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Seven questions with Miguel Dos Santos

This week we put seven questions to Miguel Dos Santos, a Philosophy PhD student and co-founder of Know it Wall – a public engagement website, based at UCL, that aims to popularise research across all disciplines, from arts to sciences.

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The profile of our education is "rising rapidly", Provost tells UCL conference

UCL's annual Teaching and Learning Conference on Tuesday hosted more than 600 participants - including a record number of students. The conference, now in its fourth year, was at one point the highest trending event in London on Twitter and had tweets from, among other countries, Brazil, Turkey and the US.

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7 questions with Thomas Nivet (UCL Triumph)

This week we put seven questions to Thomas Nivet, a UCL Mechanical Engineering student and member of UCL Triumph – a team of Master’s students taking part in an international competition to design and build an energy efficient boat.

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Monday Museum Meditation sessions

This term the Chaplain & Interfaith Advisor and the UCLU Mindfulness Society are running Monday Museum Meditation sessions.

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NSS is closing: your department needs you

The 2016 National Student Survey (NSS) is closing on Saturday 30 April, which means final year undergraduates only have one week left to complete the survey. If your department hits the 75% completion rate they will receive a reward to spend on you and your fellow final year students.

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Provost's Perspective: Improving the welcome we give new students

During the autumn term, more than 300 of you – both undergraduates and postgraduates - gave your views on what a UCL education should look like in five years’ time. I’m very grateful you did. Your comments have helped shape our just-published Education Strategy which sets out how we intend to improve the education we offer by 2018, and again by 2021.

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Earn £15: participate in a study on sensory information and motor function control

The aim of this research is to understand how sensory information received by the brain may be used to control our motor functions. To do this researchers will ask you sit comfortably in a chair and they will apply different forms of sensory stimulation to your fingers or wrist. These will either be a series of taps to the finger or a series of very small painless electrical pulses applied at the wrist. This is a common and harmless procedure.

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2016 Graduation ceremonies: graduand and guest ticket deadline reminder

UCL Student and Registry Services are reminding all students who have been invited to attend the 2016 Graduation Ceremonies this summer, that they must complete their application to attend by 4pm Tuesday 26 April 2016. Guest tickets must also be paid for by this date.

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UCL announces 2.5% rent reduction for 2016/17

UCL has today announced that it will reduce the contract length for its rooms across its owned student accommodation from 40 to 39 weeks a year, effectively reducing the annual rent payable by 2.5%. This decision has been taken to align the start of the academic year with arrival of students into halls. 

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Top 5 alternative UCL study spots

With exams just around the corner, now is a good time explore some of UCL’s lesser-known study spaces and get down to some revision.

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