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Saturn and Enceladus produce the same amount of plasma

The first evidence that Saturn’s upper atmosphere may, when buffeted by the solar wind, emit the same total amount of mass per second into its magnetosphere as its moon, Enceladus, has been found by UCL scientists working on the Cassini mission.

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Participate in a study examining the epigenetic mechanisms regulating memory storage

The UCL Clinical Psychopharmacology Unit are recruiting healthy volunteers to take part in a study examining the biological basis of emotional memory with the hope of developing new treatments for anxiety disorders. To do this, we are using a drug called Sodium Valproate, which can increase the expression of genes involved in memory formation and updating.

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Your personal development: Networking and relationship building

It is said of some people that they are brilliant at ‘working the room’. When you meet this sort of person you find that they give you their undivided attention, as if they came specially to meet you. And yet, they seem to be able to do this with everybody in the room.

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UCL East: have your say on new student accommodation and earn £40

Earn cash by sharing your experience and contribute to the design brief for student accommodation at the new UCL East campus in Stratford, which is due to open during the 2019/20 academic year. Your opinions can assist in the planning of this exciting project.

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Research students: tell us about your research data management needs

UCL is committed to developing services that support the activity of all our research students. Many funders now place research data requirements on projects and we would like to ensure that our continued investment in UCL’s research data infrastructure and support allows researchers to meet these. 

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Do you need to apply for Special Exam Arrangements?

Special Exam Arrangements are designed to support students with disabilities, health conditions or mental health issues that may adversely affect their ability to undertake timed assessments and mean that they are unable to sit in the main examination hall. 

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7 questions with Alessandro Massazza

This week we put seven questions to Alessandro Massazza, a UCL Anthropology student and UCLU Mental Health Peer Support Organiser.

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Cut the Rent campaign: UCL comment

Finding good-quality and affordable accommodation in London is a challenge for students. This issue has come to the fore this week with the announcement of a campaign by the Cut the Rent group, which you may have seen reported in the media. 

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7 questions with Meghan Shirley

This week, we put seven questions to Meghan Shirley, a UCL Biological Anthropology PhD student.

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UCL marks Holocaust Memorial Day

MP and shadow minister, Sir Keir Starmer, Holocaust survivor Mala Tribich MBE and Jewish Chaplain for London Universities, Rabbi Gavin Broder will attend a small commemorative ceremony at the UCL Centre for Holocaust Education today to mark Holocaust Memorial Day.

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Statement: UCL and rent campaign

“UCL Estates is actively seeking dialogue with the Cut the Rent campaign so that we can discuss the issues and set out how the finances of UCL accommodation work. 

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UCL recognised at launch of new Race Equality Charter

Marking the launch of the first ever award scheme recognising the work that universities are undertaking to advance race equality, UCL and seven other universities were presented with their Race Equality Charter awards at a ceremony in London this week.

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