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7 questions with Rijul Shah

This week we put seven questions to Rijul Shah, a UCL Medical School/UCL Global Health student and President of the UCLU Hindu Society.

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Six great ways to advance your career prospects this summer

Many of you will have been fortunate to an internships already this summer and will be looking forward to the challenges, and benefits, that they provide. But for those students who haven’t reached this stage yet, or who perhaps aren’t looking for an internship opportunity, there are plenty of other useful ways to spend the summer months.

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Provost's Perspective: Transforming UCL - from the New Student Centre to UCL East

As the third term ramps up here at UCL, the vast majority of you are focused on the examinations and dissertations that are taking up most of your time. No doubt, while you visit the library and study spaces around campus, you will have passed by many of the improvement works that we are currently carrying out as part of the Transforming UCL programme.

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Five things you should know to stop you from procrastinating

Everyone puts things off in life. However, if you find that your procrastination is problematic for you; you are always having to work to the last minute to get things done, you are always handing things in late, you can’t seem to sit down and focus on revision, then understanding these 5 things could help you to stop your procrastination.

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Do you have a great idea for a community project? UCLU Volunteering Services can help you make it a reality

UCLU Volunteering Services Unit want to help foster your great idea for a London-based community project. Our Student Led projects scheme exists gives you the chance to turn your bright ideas into projects that have a real impact on the lives of other Londoners. We provide staff support, project management training, and you can apply for up to £750 to help with running costs.

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UCL Libraries: 3 hidden gems closer to home

With exam season well and truly underway, you might be in need of a change of scenery to inspire you to revise. Here are three lesser-known study spots away from central campus that you may want to check out.

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UCL mock referendum on Brexit

In eight weeks’ time, Britain goes to the polls to decide whether we will continue to be part of the European Union.

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Highest ever UCL response rate to NSS, so what’s next?

The National Student Survey 2016 closed on Saturday and thanks to the thousands of you who took the time to share your feedback, we were able to hit our highest ever response rate of 79%, or 3,194 students. This is 8% higher than the previous year for UCL and 7% above the national average.

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4 ways to manage Third Term stress

There are all sorts of pressures in the Third Term which can cause stress. Everything from imminent deadlines, exams and getting ready to move out of your rented accommodation to friends that you’ve made over the year may be leaving London, or you might be leaving yourself.

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