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8 September 2011: Babies distinguish pain from touch at 35-37 weeks

Babies can distinguish painful stimuli as different from general touch from around 35-37 weeks gestation – just before an infant would normally be born – according to new research. More...

8 September 2011: Vote for OPAL scheme to win a National Lottery Award

A scheme involving UCL scientists has made it through to the final of the National Lottery Awards in the category of Best Environment Project – and your vote could help them win. More...

8 September 2011: Names, not social networks, bind us to global cultural and ethnic communities

Links between hundreds of millions of names belonging to people all around the world have been analysed by geographers from UCL and the University of Auckland. The results reveal how our forenames and surnames are connected in distinct global networks of cultural, ethnic and linguistic communities.

7 September 2011: UCL Art Museum's "Word & Image: Early Modern Treasures at UCL"

UCL Art Museum will display a variety of rare and impressive treasures from its collections for ‘Word & Image’, a free exhibition exploring intercultural exchange in the early modern period (c.1450-1800).

5 September 2011: UCL launches innovative new Arts and Sciences undergraduate degree

UCL is launching a new undergraduate degree, the Bachelor in Arts and Sciences (BASc), to reflect a growing demand from both students and employers for interdisciplinary degree programmes. More...

2 September 2011: Teaching grammar to the iPhone generation

An innovative iPhone App (the interactive Grammar of English, “iGE”), which provides a complete interactive course in English grammar, has been brought to market by UCL Business PLC (UCLB).

2 September 2011: Call for postgraduate student volunteer: website testing

UCL Communications is conducting a review of some key UCL websites to assess how easily people can access information in the formats that meets their needs. The findings will inform future web development and best practice guidance for website owners across the university.

1 September 2011: Scientists observe smallest atomic displacements ever

UCL scientists are part of an international team which has developed a novel X-ray technique for imaging atomic displacements in materials with unprecedented accuracy. More...

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