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29 January 2010: UCL to mark Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans History Month

UCL will mark Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans History Month with a series of events, talks, film screenings and lectures from 8–12 February.

29 January 2010: Earthquake experts focus on helping Haiti

Scientists and engineers from UCL are using an innovative web tool to share their expertise help Haiti’s earthquake victims.

29 January 2010: UCL digital behaviour research in new BBC2 series

Research into how we behave in the virtual world will be showcased in the BBC2 series ‘Virtual Revolution’, starting on 30 January.

29 January 2010: UCL Town Meeting on Human Wellbeing

UCL staff are invited to a Town Meeting on: ‘What is wellbeing and how can we measure it?’ on 17 February 2010. More...

28 January 2010: Study shows weight loss breakthrough for overweight children

A UCL study published today proves the success of the weight management programme MEND for overweight children.  

27 January 2010: Lost Roman law code discovered in London

Researchers at UCL History have discovered part of an ancient Roman law code previously thought to have been lost forever.

27 January 2010: Sinister interests: Bentham’s warning about politicians

The MPs’ expenses scandal has shown the naivety of trusting our politicians to display noble conduct, writes UCL postgraduate student James Shafe. More...

27 January 2010: Lecturer wins Royal Academy teaching award

A senior lecturer from UCL Biochemical Engineering has won a prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering/Exxon Mobil Award for Excellence in Teaching.

26 January 2010: UCL study: Emotions are a universal language

A new study, led by UCL’s Professor Sophie Scott, suggests that all humans share basic emotions such as amusement, anger, fear and sadness – and vocalise them in similar ways.

26 January 2010: Sophia magazine issue 4 out now

Issue 4 of Sophia, UCL's volunteer-run magazine that showcases talent in research, writing and  art, is available to download. More...

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