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Welcome to UCL!

Welcome to the Countdown to UCL! In each of the 15 themes, we will be giving you all the information you need to know to get you ready and excited to join us! In this section we are giving you a broad overview of life at UCL - a welcome message from the Provost, a little about the history of UCL and a virtual look around the campus...

Important info to get you started:

Welcome To UCL articles

The history behind UCL

In this article, we give you a very brief history of UCL and the traditions on which it was founded.

Why I love UCL

For this article, we took to the Main Quad and beyond to find out why current students love UCL - this is what they said!

Welcome from the Provost

UCL President & Provost Professor Michael Arthur, who joined UCL in September 2013, is internationally renowned for his contribution to education and to medical research. Here is his welcome message to you.

Introducing: Countdown to UCL!

Hello and welcome to the Countdown to UCL blog! In this article you can find out more about what the countdown is and what you can expect on this site!