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Week 14: Settling In

Once you have arrived in London and have unpacked your belongings, it can feel overwhelming being in entirely new surroundings. Check back here this week for articles on meeting new people, dealing with homesickness, and much more. We hope that you will grow to love your new home soon!

Important info to get you started:

For international students: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/iss/when-you-arrive/settling-in
For all students: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/current-students/support/ssw/look-after-yourself

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Week 14: Settling In articles

UCL Accommodation Welcome Party

Moving into halls this weekend? In this article, Maya from the UCL Accommodation team is here to invite you to the UCL Accommodation welcome parties! 

Living away from home: Coping with homesickness

Feeling homesick during your first few weeks at University (or during any transition period for that matter) is natural. In this article you will find 8 things you can do to ease yourself better into your new and exciting environment. 

5 top tips to avoid Freshers' Flu

Is freshers' flu avoidable? Probably not - but Simone shares some awesome tips in this article for you to try your best anyway. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour!

British Weather: A Survival Guide

The only predictable thing about the British weather is its unpredictability. Luckily, Rachel from the SSW team is here to share her top tips so that the weather in London never ruins your day!

Starting Uni - How to make friends and not alienate people!

With the first day of university looming, there will be many students worrying about lectures, textbooks, cooking and of course, making friends. In this article, Ayesha, one of our Student contributors is here to give your her advice!