- Your first step to becoming a UCL student

Once you have accepted and met the conditions of your offer and no more than six weeks before the start of your programme you will receive an email from UCL inviting you to pre-enrol. Your pre-enrolment service will not be available until you receive this email. Undergraduates should not expect to receive this email until early September.

How do I complete pre-enrolment?

Pre-enrolment is an online service for new students accessed via Portico (UCL's Student Information Service). We will email you when the service opens with further information.

In order to pre-enrol, you will need to use the Online User Registration (OUR) service to retrieve your UCL user ID and set your password which you will use to log in to Portico. The email inviting you to pre-enrol will advise you of how to do this.

It is essential that UCL has a valid personal email address to correspond with you. If you are a postgraduate student, you must keep your email address up-to-date on the UCL applicant portal and if you are an undergraduate student you must inform UCAS of any changes. If your email changes after 1 August 2016, please email with your new address.

Please use the contact details below if you have any problems or questions regarding the pre-enrolment service. If your query is about:

During pre-enrolment you are required to confirm or update your home, contact and term-time addresses. You will also be asked to accept UCL’s academic and financial regulations and agree to the Data Protection Statement. This is also your opportunity to familiarise yourself with the UCL Student Relationship guidelines.

On completion of pre-enrolment you will receive an email confirming your enrolment appointment - please see the Enrolment page for more information.

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