UCL Student Disability Services

24 June 2015


UCL Student Disability Services is there to provide information, advice and support to all students with disabilities at UCL.

You can contact one of the advisers at the UCL Student Disability Services if you have a sensory impairment (for example you are hard of hearing, deaf or visually impaired), a physical disability, a mental health difficulty, specific learning difficulty (for example dyslexia) or if you have a medical condition that impacts on your ability to study or on any other aspect of your university life.

UCL Student Disability Services can provide information about the range of services available to disabled students. They may be able to lend you equipment (such as a digital recorder or radio aid) or provide a support worker (such as a British Sign Language interpreter). With your agreement they can make sure that your academic department is aware of your needs. There may also be specific library services that are of benefit.

If you need special assessment arrangements because of your disability, such as additional time in examinations, you can apply through their office. If you think that you may need special arrangements, it is important that you register with them as early as possible. UCL Student Disability Services have a computer cluster that is specifically for disabled students, offering a range of assistive technology and specialist software. All students registered with Student Disability Services are eligible to use this facility.

Support with day-to-day living
UCL does not provide support for tasks associated with daily living but can provide information about suitable agencies supplying care assistants. All enquiries and advice from Student Disability Services are entirely confidential. No personal information will be shared with other departments at UCL without your prior written consent.

You can contact the Student Disability Services team via email disability@ucl.ac.uk or visit their website for further details.

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