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Council Tax Exemption

23 September 2015


Council Tax is the system of local taxation used in England, Scotland Wales to part fund the services provided by local government in each country.

You are exempt from council tax if you are registered as a full-time student and living in a University hall of residence or living in a household where everyone is a full-time student. If you do get a bill, you can apply for an exemption.

To count as a full-time student, your course must:

  • last at least 1 year
  • involve at least 21 hours study per week

You will get a Council Tax bill if there’s someone in your household who’s not a full-time student, but your household might still qualify for a discount.

Part-time students are not eligible for council tax exemption.

How do I obtain an exemption letter?

To apply for an exemption you will need to obtain a Statement of Student Status and submit this to your local council. You will receive a copy of this letter at Enrolment. Before requesting this document you must ensure that your term-time address on PORTICO is the address for which you will want the council tax exemption.

If you live in the London Borough of Camden, you must apply on line via the Camden website. You will not need a statement of student status to do this.

More information can be found on the UK government website.

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