UCL Library Services

9 July 2014


UCL Libraries provide books, journals and other materials for all subjects taught at UCL from a number of locations in Bloomsbury and beyond. Once you have enrolled on your programme of study you are automatically registered with all UCL Libraries.

  • Carry your UCL ID card at all times, as it is also your Library Card and you need it to gain entry into all UCL Libraries

  • Search to find books and more at Explore
  • Seek out your Subject Librarians, as they buy books for your courses and can help you with your research, for contact details and a comprehensive introduction to resources see your Subject Guide
  • Access electronic resources such as e-books, e-journals and subject databases from anywhere with an Internet connection by logging in with your normal UCL username & password
  • Get help from Library Staff by asking questions whenever you need to. Enquiries to library@ucl.ac.uk are answered throughout the day
  • Find guidance on how to reference the work of others properly and avoid plagiarism

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