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UCL Careers - Find your future

8 July 2015


Although you're just starting university, it is still important to think about your future and life after graduation. Whether you're unsure about future career options or have some ideas that you want to explore further, there's a lot of support available at UCL. You can get advice on anything from a broad view of the job market to help with getting a specific job.

You can find assistance with many things, including:

  • getting a part-time job, internship or gaining relevant work experience
  • writing effective job applications and CVs
  • understanding the UK graduate job market and graduate study options
  • developing interview skills

In the UK over 60% of graduate jobs are advertised as open to everyone, no matter what degree they have studied. This broad choice can be exciting but also daunting when faced with having to make a decision about your career. Based on feedback from previous students, UCL Careers has developed a programme of events designed to support your career and related academic decisions. This includes seminars running throughout the academic year. These cover a range of topics that will help you learn more about working in the UK, or anywhere else in the world you want to go. UCL Careers also invites employers to come and talk to you, so you can learn more about what it is like to work in different sectors and to hear what skills employers are looking for in UCL graduates.

You can book one-to-one meetings with careers consultants who can talk to you about your plans. They can also help you to figure out where to start if you have no plans in place. You can get job applications and CVs checked by experienced application checkers, and when you get invited to an interview, you can book a mock interview to practice answering tricky questions.

Visit the UCL Careers website to book an appointment, to discover a great range of information and to download guides to help you get started! 

UCL Careers 4th Floor Student Central (ULU), Malet Street London WC1E 7HY
T: + +44 (0)20 3549 5900

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