Working Part-Time

10 July 2014


As an international student, getting a part-time job can be a great way to add to your overseas studying experience. Living in the country’s capital, there are ample possibilities to gain some valuable work experience.

Why work part-time?

  • Develop transferable skills – whether you’re working in customer service or administration you’re sure to build up evidence and examples of the  types of skills employers globally are hungry for, such as team work, communication and problem-solving skills
  • Gain insight into a particular sector or role – often the best way to know if you will actually suit something is to try it out. You will build up your contacts in the sector as well as getting useful relevant experience
  • Cash! As well as adding to your CV a part-time role can also fund your London escapades, weekend trips, books etc

What should I consider?

  • Check your visa stamp – for most international (non-EU) students there is a limit to 20 hours work in term time
  • Minimum wage – know your rights and make sure you’re being paid fairly (unless working on a voluntary basis which is legally sound)
  • Your study – make sure the part-time work you’re doing is not negatively impacting your commitment to the academic side of your life

How to find work

  • Visit the UCL JobShop online for a wide range of part-time vacancies from tutoring to web design
  • UCL JobOnline has internships in addition to part-time roles
  • Check out UCL VSU for hundreds of fantastic volunteer projects – volunteer work is normally just as valuable as paid work from an employer’s perspective
  • Look around – shops and restaurants often advertise in their windows when they need extra help, especially over the busy Christmas period
  • Come and see us at UCL Careers to help with your CV and applications for part-time work

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