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Starting a course at a new university, possibly in a new city or even country can be a daunting experience for anyone, regardless of age or background. The most important thing to remember is that there are many sources of advice and support available for every aspect of your life at UCL from the moment you arrive until you graduate and beyond.

UCL Cultural Consultation Service

The Cultural Consultation Service aims to provide support for students and staff experiencing a challenge to their learning and/or teaching which they think may be caused by an inter-cultural conflict. At the beginning of their time here, many staff and students will have some trouble adapting to a different culture and education system, which may impact on them when forming professional and personal relationships. They may experience a range of inter-personal, cross-cultural, and intra-cultural issues, sometimes with additional complexities, for example conflicts relating to social class, ethnicity, religion, and gender. CCS advisors can be consulted on any of these issues and many more surrounding cultural integration. For more information or to book an initial consultation, please contact

UCL Day Nursery

The UCL Day Nursery provides high quality childcare and nursery education, giving priority to the development needs and happiness of our children and their families in a safe, nurturing and stimulating care environment. The Nursery is located on two sites at 50-51 and 55-59 Gordon Square and open to staff and students of UCL. If you would like further information about the Day Nursery please visit the Day Nursery website.

You can also find information about schools and Sure Start Children's Centres on the website.

Dean of Students (Academic)

The Dean of Students (Academic) is responsible for academic issues related to the admission of new students and their progression through their degree programmes. This person is also responsible for the design and implementation of UCL’s Education Strategy. However, many academic issues are swiftly resolved internally within departments with the assistance of the departmental undergraduate or postgraduate tutor, or if necessary with the appropriate Faculty Tutor. Therefore, if you have a strictly academic problem, you may eventually be referred to the Dean of Students (Academic) to help you resolve the issue.

Emotional support

UCL's support pages are designed to help you find information about common concerns amongst students. There is also a peer support discussion group. If you want to talk to someone you can ask for appointments at the UCL Student Psychological Services.

UCL Student Psychological Services

The UCL Student Psychological Services provide an accessible and professional resource for students who are facing emotional and psychological problems. They offer a number of different types of services which include counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy (both individual and groups), psychiatric consultations, personal development workshops and a self-help library. If you have an existing psychological problem that requires on-going medical, psychiatric or therapeutic support throughout your time at UCL then it's important to contact the UCL Student Psychological Services to have the support in place for you before you arrive at UCL.

UCL Equality and Diversity

The UCL Equalities & Diversity website provides information on both staff and student issues. There is information available on issues relating to race, gender, religion and belief, sexual orientation and disability, amongst other equalities initiatives at UCL. For more information, please visit the UCL Equalities & Diversity website.

Financial Aid

The UCL Money page provides details of funding opportunities and financial support for all students - please take a look to see what's available.

Personal tutor

Every undergraduate student will be allocated a personal tutor who will be an academic member of staff within their home department. They are your first reference point if you have academic or personal problems. For further information on who your personal tutor is you should contact your department. Taught graduate students will normally be supported by their programme tutor.

Religious support

The Religious Support page provides information about the religious support available at UCL. Information about Faith Societies can be found on the UCLU website. London is a multicultural and multifaith city. Please see our page on places of worship in London for further details.

There is a contemplation/quiet room available for UCL members of staff and registered students. This room is situated in Hut 34, on the path leading from the Bernard Katz Building at the South Junction towards the Henry Morley Building (download map). The opening hours are 8.30am to 6pm. Users are required to respect the code of practice for using the room, displayed outside.

UCLU Rights and Advice

The UCL Student's Union (UCLU), through their Rights & Advice Centre, provides independent information, advice and support regarding welfare, finance, immigration and academic issues. 

UCL Student Disability Services

If you are dyslexic, have a disability (including a mental health difficulty) or a long term medical condition that may have an impact on your studies, please contact Student Disability Services (SDS) for information and advice about services and support.

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