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At UCL we want to be proud of what our students achieve during their time here - and not only academically. There are a huge number of programmes in place across the university to help you achieve your potential - see what you could get involved in! Just click the link to jump to the relevant information. 

UCL Advances

UCL Advances is the centre for entrepreneurship at UCL. It offers training, networking and business support for staff, students and external entrepreneurs to encourage and enable new enterprises to get going. For more information, visit the UCL Advances website.

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UCL Careers

UCL Careers aims to educate and develop individuals to achieve and maintain career success by developing workplace and job application skills as well as knowledge of jobs, labour markets and further postgraduate study options. We provide employer led skills training, we link you up with employers through our Fairs, Forums and Seminars and we provide you with free access to our comprehensive online UK and global vacancy database (with internships, work experience, temporary and full time graduate jobs). Departmental Careers Consultants provide you with relevant careers information and skills workshops, and you can speak directly to a Careers Consultant about your options, decisions and to get advice on applications and interviews. Our key message to first year students: in today's graduate labour market you must start as early as possible exploring careers, developing workplace skills and getting relevant experience.

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UCL Centre for Languages & International Education

Are you interested in learning a new language, improving an existing one or improving your English? Come and visit us at the CLIE!

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UCL Events Blog

Our Events Blog provides reviews of UCL public lectures, debates, exhibitions, shows, and more, as well as linking to other UCL content around the web. Check out the link for more information. 

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UCL Global Citizenship Programme

The UCL Global Citizenship Programme offers undergraduate students the chance to put your studies in a global context, learn new skills and see the world differently. From tackling the same global issues as UCL's Grand Challenges to volunteering and enterprise opportunities, there is something different on offer across all years of your degree. The courses and activities on offer complement your academic education and help you develop the qualities of a global citizen. Each year you will receive a record of participation on your HEAR, as well as enjoying two weeks of specifically designed activities while working alongside students from across UCL.

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The Doctoral School

The Doctoral School will hold welcome sessions during the introductory period for all new students embarking on a graduate programme, which will give information about the services the Doctoral School provides as well as the research currently being undertaken at UCL. 

The Doctoral School operates an open door policy, so if you are beginning your programme outside the main autumn enrolment period you may wish to visit them to ensure you are aware of the support they provide. The Doctoral School website is also a valuable source of information.

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As a student at UCL you will find yourself using a range of technologies to support your studies and your broader skills development. You can join the moodle-based induction course which will familiarise you with some of the tools you'll encounter and point you to some useful resources to help you prepare for your studies at UCL.

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UCL Museums and Collections

In addition to teaching, learning and research activities, UCL is also home to a number of outstanding collections which cover a wide variety of disciplines, reflecting the range of the university's academic work. Three collections - the Petrie Museum, the Grant Museum and the Art Museum - are open to the public. Other collections are primarily for teaching and research but can be seen and studied by appointment. For more information and to find out what exhibitions are currently showing, please visit the Museums and Collections website

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Skills Development

Investing in your skills development will ease the transition to university life, as you face new, diverse demands on your time and energy. It will also improve your academic work and employment prospects – both for part-time work while here and for full-time work when you graduate.

For taught students, visit the Key Skills pages to find out how to develop your skills and to access the resources UCL provides to support your skills development. We particularly recommend Palgrave’s online skills4studycampus for pre-enrolment and first year students. This provides interactive online courses focusing on getting ready for academic study, reading & note-making, writing skills, referencing & understanding plagiarism, critical thinking, exam skills, and groupwork & presentations. To login select the Institution login, UCL and then enter your UCL user ID and password.

For research students, visit the Doctoral School website to find out about their skills development programme.

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StARs (Student Academic Representatives) are elected to represent students' views to UCL. As a StAR you will sit in on various committees and act as the voice of UCL students, ensuring that UCL takes into account the needs of students in decision making processes. If you believe you could be a leader, enjoy helping your fellow students and are keen to make a difference during your time at UCL this could be the opportunity you are looking for. For further information please visit the StARs website.

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Student Centre

Once you've settled in to life at UCL, don't forget that the Student Centre is there to support throughout your UCL journey. The Student Centre is open 10am to 4pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and 11am to 5pm on Wednesday (excluding public holidays) and is there to assist you with any administrative queries you may have, such as providing a Statement of Student Status to confirm your student status at UCL. In addition the Student Centre Team can point you in the right direction for information about welfare, academic and health support services. For more information, please see the Student Centre webpage.

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Transition Programme

UCL's Transition Programme is a project that supports all new undergraduate students as they adapt to university life and deal with the social and academic issues that arise when starting a degree. 

You will be given information by your department about the appropriate Transition sessions for you. You can also visit the Transition Moodle site which has study skills tips, virtual tours, student profiles and other activities to help you find out more about UCL before you arrive – you just need to sign in as a guest.

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The Volunteering Services Unit (VSU) is the Union's dedicated facility for students who want to get involved with volunteering projects in the local community. You can give as much or as little time as you can spare; learning new skills, making friends, and contributing to other peoples' lives. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and to find out what living in London is really all about - especially if you are one of UCL's international students. There are more than 300 activities to choose from and all travel expenses are paid for all the UCL volunteers. There are one-off volunteering projects or you can set up your own project; it all depends on the time you have. 

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Widening Participation and UK Undergraduate Recruitment

The Widening Participation and UK Undergraduate Recruitment Office offers many opportunities for UCL students to get involved with their work. UCL's programmes for schools could not run without dedicated students offering their time and expertise. It is also a great way to develop transferable skills, such as communication, leadership and self-confidence, and to get involved in the local community. It is also an opportunity to meet UCL students from a wide range of backgrounds and have a lot of fun!

Many of the projects work specifically with pupils from under-represented groups, with the aim to increase the proportion of students from state schools, low socio-economic backgrounds and neighbourhoods with low rates of participation in higher education. Many of the pupils that we work with have no family history of higher education, are from non-selective state schools or are from ethnic minority backgrounds.

There are various ways you can get involved with the Widening Participation Office work; visit the links below for more information on the different roles:

Visit the Widening Participation website or the VSU website for more information!

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