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I've lost my new ID card! If a card is lost or stolen during its period of validity the first replacement will be free but a £15 administration fee will be charged on any subsequent occasion where replacement is requested for reasons other than card expiry...

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Get Your ID Card

- Get access to UCL buildings and useful discounts

Your UCL identity card shows that you are a UCL student. As your UCL student ID card is the primary means to identify that you are a UCL student, your student ID card will show your official name as recorded on your student record. This name will be checked against the documentation you provide at enrolment to verify your identity.

On the front of your UCL student identity card is printed:

  • your name - this is your official name and surname as recorded on your student record
  • your Faculty/Department
  • your photograph
  • your UCL student number
  • your UCL Person Identifier (UPI) 
  • the date of when your current programme of study ends (applicable to all students who joined UCL on or after 22nd September 2014).

On the reverse of the card are printed your library barcode (where applicable), eye-readable barcode number and card issue number. The barcode is passed automatically to the library membership database (an overnight process), so there is no need to visit the library to complete the registration process. 

It is very important that you carry the card with you at all times as it allows you to access certain UCL buildings including the libraries, and UCLU (UCL Student Union) activities.

The ID card is produced by Security Systems. Students will be shown where to have their ID cards produced after they enrol. In order for Security Systems to produce your card, you will need to show them the Statement of Student Status you received when you enrolled and they will then produce your first ID card. Your photograph will be taken, so you do not need to bring a photo with you and the card will be produced while you wait.

Security Systems are based in the Andrew Huxley Building. If you lose your ID card or it gets stolen please visit the Security Systems office to get a replacement; please note there may be a charge for replacement cards. Further information on ID cards can be found on the Security Systems website.

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