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Explore the Library

- Get familiar with your new second home

Your UCL student ID card is also your Library card; as soon as you have it, you can visit all the UCL Libraries. However, you will not be able to borrow until the day after you obtain your UCL student ID card as your record needs to be updated overnight.

Ensure you have your UCL ID with you at all times as it is not possible to use the UCL Libraries without it.

The Main Library and DMS Watson Science Library opening times can be found on the UCL Library Services website. You may also find the UCL Library Services Getting Started webpage a helpful guide to the UCL Library Services available.

Subject specific induction sessions take place in the libraries at the beginning of the year. Please check with your Subject Librarian for further details. We suggest you familiarise yourself with these before the busy study period starts in order to be able to take full advantage of all the available facilities. Visit the library website for more information about UCL’s Libraries .

Photocopiers can be found in the Main Library and DMS Watson Science Library. You will need a photocopy card for this.

Scanners can be found in the Main Library, DMS Watson Science Library and Christopher Ingold cluster room.

Printers are located in all cluster rooms. You are given £12 of printing credit at the beginning of each year which can be topped up online or in person at the top-up-machine in the DMS Watson Library.

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