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Is registering with the department the same thing as enrolment?

No, enrolment is a compulsory step to complete your registration at UCL. You are also required to register with your department. They will provide you with details before you arrive at UCL.

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Register with your Department

- Let your department know that you have arrived

As well as the official activities you need to complete with UCL, there will also be induction activities organised by your department. These are very important as they provide an opportunity to find out the details of what will be expected of you during your studies at UCL and the resources you will have access to. You will also meet other new students you will be studying with and the people in your department who will support you during your time at UCL.

Many departments require you to sign-up or register with them to confirm that you have arrived to take up your place. This is a separate activity from your enrolment. Both must be completed for you to be able to begin your studies at UCL. The A-Z of departmental websites allows you to navigate to your home department's website to find out what activities are taking place, it will also have the details of people you can contact should you need more information.

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