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Natural Sciences Degree
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Exam Weighting

Progression and Award of Degree:

To progress between years, students must take 4 credit units in each year. Courses failed in one year may be retaken in the following year. A minimum of 11 out of 12 credit units must be passed for the award of a BSc degree and 14.5 out of 16 credit units for the award of an MSci. Students also need to be complete for 12 credit units to be awarded a BSc and for 16 credit units to be awarded an MSci.

All students entering in or after September 2013 must achieve the following in order to progress automatically to the following year, or to graduate with a classified degree:

Year 1 to 2:  Pass a minimum of 3.5 course units out of 4

Year 2 to 3:  Pass a total minimum of 7 course units out of 8, be complete in year 1 and in addition an MSci student must have a weighted mean of year 1 and 2 of at least 60% and at least a weighted mean of 60% in year 2.

Year 3: Graduate with a BSc - pass a minimum of 11 course units and complete 12.

Year 3 to Year 4: Pass a minimum of 11 course units and attain an overall minimum weighted mean (the BSc result) of 60% or greater and a year 3 weighted mean of 60% or greater.  MSci students who fail to meet these criteria will be considered for a BSc degree.

Year 4: Graduate with an MSci - pass a minimum of 14.5 course units and complete 16.

If an MSci student satisfies the course unit requirements and any other Faculty specific requirements but does not satisfy the 60% requirements, but has a weighted mean of 50% or greater the department may make application to the Faculty for continuance on the MSci programme. However, the Faculty is under no obligation to approve the progression. If progression is not permitted the student will be transferred to the corresponding BSc programme.

BSc students may opt to transfer to the MSci programme up until 31st March of their third year, providing they are qualified to do so. Students on the MSci programme may currently transfer to the BSc degree up to the last Friday of July of the third year.  

Year Weightings

The relative weightings attached to the mean mark for each of the years of the programme will be 1:3:5 for BSc, and 1:3:5:5 for MSci for programmes not involving a year abroad. The relative weight for the year-abroad will normally be 1:3:2.5:5.

1. In the first year the best four half-unit results will be weighted by one, the balance being half-weighted;

2. in the second and third years the best six half-unit results will be weighted by one, the balance being half-weighted,

3. in the fourth year all half-unit results will be weighted by, whole-unit courses being treated as two half-units for these purposes.

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