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Natural Sciences Degree
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The Natural Sciences degree programmes are administered within the same framework of teaching and assessment used by the Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MAPS) and the Faculty of Life Sciences (FLS) for all its degrees, resulting in the same high academic standards.

It's not easy to decide exactly which degree programme to study; neither is it easy to choose which universities to include on your UCAS form. These are important decisions because they will affect not only the next three or four years of study, but most probably also your subsequent career, and possibly the rest of your life.

In selecting subjects and universities you need to be well-informed, with access to reliable and up-to-date facts and figures. In the following pages we aim to provide you with such information as well as giving you a taste of what it is like to be a student in one of the UK's top universities.

The rationale behind the UCL Natural Sciences programme:

  • Boundaries of traditional science subjects such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics have become less well-defined

  • Programme designed to complement single science degrees

  • Response to modern demands of multi-disciplinary research

  • Ideal for students who wish to specialise in more than one science subject

Natural Sciences at UCL is also keen to link with multi-disciplinary Research Centres at UCL such as Nanotechnology, Chemical Biology, Clinical Operational Research Unit and the Institute of Origins.

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