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Natural Sciences Degree
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Science and Technology Studies - Introduction

Science covers everything from the origin of the universe to the innermost workings of our brains.  Scientists are consulted by world leaders and law courts, advertisers and athletes.  Yet, while science tries to understand everything, how well do we understand science itself? How secure are the methods of science?  When, where and how did science originate as a distinct type of knowledge?  What accounts for the extraordinary success and diversity of science in the modern world?

Policy, Communications and Ethics (PCE) explores science policy and the many ways science is discussed and put to work. This includes practical skill development in science policy making and science communication. It also involves developing tools for critical and reflective thinking in research ethics and responsible research.

The following option is available:

Providing students take at least two Science based subjects at A level or equivalent there are no specific subject requirements for the PCE Stream.For more information on the option courses offered by Science and Technology Studies please visit the Department for Science and Technology Studies website.

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