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Natural Sciences Degree
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Mathematics and Statistics - Introduction

Mathematics and statistics have long been associated with physics, evolutionary biology and genetics, and with some areas of chemistry and Earth sciences.  Over the years quantitative, analytical and mathematical techniques have become commonplace in many other areas of physical, biological and biomedical sciences.  In recent years with the development of high performance computers mathematical and statistical techniques can be applied to complex fields ranging from climate modelling and biomathematics to financial systems.

For students taking this stream, the first and second years contain a roughly equal balance of mathematics and statistics.  In the third year the emphasis can be more on either mathematics or statistics.  Regardless of this choice, the advanced quantitative training provided by this stream will be seen as highly attractive by many employers.  Students who concentrate on statistics after their second year as a major stream will also be qualified for postgraduate study and (in the case of MSci students) research in statistics.

The Mathematics Department currently offers one academically demanding stream as part of the Natural Sciences programme:

If taken as a stream, Grade A Mathematics at A level GCE (or equivalent) is usually essential; Further Mathematics is not required to be taken at A level.
For more information on the option courses offered by Mathematics please visit the Department of Mathematics website.

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