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Natural Sciences Degree
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Chemistry - Organic Chemistry

Stream Representative
Dr Derek Tocher:

The organic chemistry stream covers all aspects of the chemistry of carbon compounds, from the synthesis and reactivity of simple molecules, through to therapeutic drug design and the functioning of the molecules of life, such as proteins and nucleic acids. Students following this stream will learn how to synthesise compounds with potential as flavours and fragrances, as pharmaceuticals or as probes for the detailed study of biological processes.


Students who complete this stream will understand:

  • the chemistry of organic functional groups and be able to identify these groups by characterisation methods such as NMR and MS
  • the mechanisms of reaction processes and be able to construct synthetic pathways to produce desired products
  • the essential structural features and chemistry of complex molecules such as proteins and other natural products
  • how to synthesise compounds in the laboratory and confirm the product formation using IR NMR, Mass spectroscopy
The molecules made and studied by organic chemists are fundamental to the Life Sciences, and so the Organic Chemistry Stream is normally combined with one of the four Life Sciences streams.

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