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Natural Sciences Degree
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Chemistry - Inorganic and Materials Chemistry

Stream Representative
Dr Derek Tocher:

Inorganic and materials chemistry is concerned with aspects of the chemistry of elements from across the periodic table. The topics covered range from bonding models, chemical structure and mechanism of s, p, d and f-block elements, to applications of new materials in the 21st century.


Students who complete this stream will understand:

  • chemical bonding, symmetry elements and point groups in molecules
  • the rules that describe the elements of a group in the periodic table
  • the chemical and physical basis of new technologically important materials such as 'intelligent' window coatings, and chemistry in extreme environments 
  • how to synthesise materials and characterise the properties of materials using spectroscopy in the laboratory
The Inorganic Chemistry Stream is normally combined with Condensed Matter Physics to give an understanding of solid materials

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