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Natural Sciences Degree
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Physics and Astronomy - Medical Physics

Stream Representative
Adrien Desjardins:

Medical Physicists work at the interfaces between physics and the life sciences, applying their skills to healthcare problems in the diagnosis, treatment and management of disease. Students following this stream will be given a solid introduction to the subject and the opportunity to explore a variety of core topics in greater depth.


Students who complete this stream will understand:

  • The development, physical basis and typical applications of the main medical imaging modalities (introductory level)
  • The development and physical basis of a variety of physiological measurements commonly made in healthcare (introductory level)
  • Depending on course options, the physical basis and typical applications of: magnetic resonance imaging; ultrasound imaging and Doppler flowmetry; x-ray imaging; nuclear medicine; biomedical optics; and treatment using ionising radiation

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