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Natural Sciences Degree
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Earth Sciences - Geophysical Sciences

Stream Representative
Wendy Kirk:

This stream will provide a full image of Earth and the other planets in terms of their magnetic, gravitational, seismic and thermal signatures. Topics including geophysical techniques and instrumentation, data collection and analysis, structural geology and the mechanical properties of rocks, the geophysical evidence for plate tectonics and the physics of planetary interiors, oceans, ice sheets and atmospheres will be introduced.


Students who complete this stream will understand the:

  • physical properties and mechanical behaviour of rock and ice
  • defining characteristics of rocks and minerals and how they are described and categorised
  • deep structure and physical properties of the Earth and other planets
  • distribution, mechanism, causes and effects of earthquakes
  • physical behaviour of geofluids; water magma, lava and hydrocarbons
  • mechanics, application and interpretation of geophysical instrumentation and data
  • dynamic evolution of the Earth's crust and lithosphere through plate tectonics

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