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Natural Sciences Degree
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Careers with a Natural Sciences Degree

Many employers prefer the advantages of a diverse multidisciplinary science degree. UCL Natural Sciences graduates have the potential to enter into a variety of careers including: technical consultancy; industrial research; science and mathematics teaching; IT support; scientific journalism; accountancy and finance; management consultancy; community work and industrial law. Many graduates also choose to take their studies further, to Master's or PhD level.

NHS Training Scheme, Ryan Nazareth (BSc Natural Sciences, 2009)
Researcher, Singapore Armed Forces, Jacqueline Neo (BSc Natural Sciences, 2009)
Teach First, Omar Gardner (MSci Natural Sciences, 2010)
PhD, UCL, Joanna Brunker (MSci Natural Sciences, 2010)
Graduate management scheme, Network Rail, Iain Martin (MSci Natural Sciences, 2011)
PhD, UCL, Sian Culley (MSci Natural Sciences, 2011)
Nuclear Engineering Project Manager, EDF, Jeni Liley (MSci Natural Sciences, 2011)
Phd, UCL, Lisa Carter (MSci Natural Sciences, 2011)
National Space Centre, Megan Whewell (MSci Natural Sciences, 2012) podcast
Procurement Graduate Programme, GSK, Ashni Shah (BSc Natural Sciences, 2012)
Business Management Scheme, BT, Robert Rickard (BSc Natural SCiences, 2012)

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