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Natural Sciences Degree
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Sian Culley

MSci Natural Sciences 2011, PhD, UCL CoMPLEX


I graduated from the UCL Natural Sciences program with a major stream in Molecular and Cell Biology and a minor stream in Atomic and Particle Physics. Yes, it sounds like a weird combination. However, UCL is one of the very few places I could have done these subjects together, and I'm very glad that I did – I am now studying for a PhD at UCL CoMPLEX (a centre dedicated to combining Physical Sciences with Biological Sciences).

My first two years of Natural Sciences gave me a solid grounding in both of my streams, giving a wide choice of option modules in my third and fourth years. For example, through the Particle Physics stream I could choose a third year module in lasers and optics, whilst also studying cellular anatomy and physiology. My current research is focused on developing new types of laser-based microscopy so that I can observe cellular structures and processes at very high resolution, so the variety of topics I was able to study has proved invaluable!

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