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Natural Sciences Degree
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Omar Gardner

MSci Natural Sciences 2010, Teach First


I studied an MSci in Natural Sciences at UCL,  specialising in astrophysics and physical chemistry. Natural Sciences is a fantastic course, which allows a degree of flexibility (I studied some Spanish) with a rigorous program of study, all at a world-class university.

I found that I was in an excellent position to enter the competitive job market after graduating. I initially took a long overdue year off: travelling to Mongolia, studying the Arabic language and working. I now have a graduate job with Teach First, teaching science in a challenging school in Liverpool for 2 years. The interviewer was impressed by the breadth of knowledge the course offered and the reputation of the university. After the 2 year program, the world really is my oyster and I look forward to using everything I learnt during my 4 highly enjoyable years at UCL!

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