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Natural Sciences Degree
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Jacqueline Neo

BSc Natural Sciences 2009, Researcher, Singapore Armed Forces


Natural Sciences offers a well-rounded scientific education to talented students who recognise that solvingĀ  many of the most challenging problem in science requires an integrative approach. What I loved most about it was that it provided me with both breadth (which allowed me to pursue my interests in the different sciences), and depth (in receiving supervision from top-flight, brilliant, and extremely dedicated academics from UCL), making an excellent, holistic undergraduate education. This makes it possible for students to change their minds about the subject they want to specialise in-especially when it's difficult to have to decide on what to specialise in at a young age. Also, the breadth of the course would well-equip students who already know they would like to specialise in with a valuable appreciation of the other sciences.

When I was deciding on which course I should go for, I always knew I wanted to go into academia in the area of Biological science research. At the same time, I had a strong passion for Chemistry and was reluctant to have to drop it. I was lucky in the sense that my very pastoral personal tutor at UCL came to know about this and recommended Natural Sciences to me. I ended up doing a major in Molecular and Cell Biology, and a minor in Organic Chemistry. At that point, I was slightly apprehensive because I was in the pioneer batch of students. Instead, in hind sight, I'm immensely grateful I was presented with the opportunity of deepening my knowledge in Biology, whilst pursuing my interest in Chemistry. Without which, I might have made the mistake of specialising in one area too soon and regretting having neglected the other.

On completion of my undergraduate degree, I went on to the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge University to further my studies in the area of Molecular Biology. After which, I returned to Singapore for a work sting as a researcher in a detection and diagnostics laboratory serving the Singapore Armed Forces. I still do maintain my interest in both Chemistry and Biology, and I'm intending to return to the UK to carry on research using Chemistry to solve Biological problems.

If your interest is in any of the sciences, be it Biological, Chemical, Physical, Earth, Mathematical or Science and Technology, this course is highly recommended to you.

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